Would You Use a Mommy Business Owner’s Directory?

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o, I’ve been keeping a running a list of mommy business on Oahu to support, recommend, and check out in my brain for the past year. I recently realized how silly that was because I can hardly remember to keep my cell phone charged.  So I’ve resorted to keeping a running list on my hardly charged cell phone :). Problem with that is, can you guess? My phone is always dead or is about to die. Thus, I need a better way keep track of all of the mommy businesses on Oahu.

I just had a light bulb moment and thought I’d share it with you because I’m probably not the only mom on the island who wishes there were a comprehensive and updated list of mommy business on Oahu to easily reference for services like doulas, bakers, and aloha kids clothing makers (haha!).

I try my best to buy local and use services run by local moms because, 1.) I believe in supporting my community and 2.) the mommy community on Oahu is freakin’ awesome.

I’m considering creating a sleek and simply directory of mommy businesses on Oahu, updated regularly. If you know of a mommy business owner, if you bake cookies, if you’re a photographer, if you’re a hair stylist, if you’re a personal trainer, if you own a cupcake shop, and you’re a mom, then this would be for you.

Would you use it? If so, what should it look like? Is this already being done? If so, where? Share some links please! I’m all about the collaboration!

Written by Takara Bullock

Takara is a wife, mother-of-three, and owner of FIT4MOM Honolulu Owner who has lived in Hawaii for seven years. Before Hawaii, she resided in Japan for six years where she researched as a Fulbright Fellow and later worked as a headhunter recruiting talent in the tech industry. Fun Little Ohana is all about 'momming' in Hawaii. Subscribe to our weekly email for the latest happenings on the island.


  1. I would be interested in looking at the Directory and being on it. I have an fb page. It’s called Liquid Gold Hawaii. Please let me know if you decide to go ahead with it. I know a few moms that would be interested

  2. I would be interested in using a MOMMY DIRECTORY! Although I don’t have a business of my own I would love to support other local mommy’s with their business around the island. I love shopping locally. P.S. I really love that you do this blog and I am able to receive weekly emails of things to do around the island. You won’t believe how much you’ve saved us from boredom.

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