Aloha, let’s work together!

Fun Little Ohana is Hawaii-based mom blog that focuses on sharing the very best that Hawaii has to offer families. Our content is focused on family-fun activities, family-friendly or mom-friendly venues, family travel, and homeschooling in Hawaii.

We love helping families discover, explore, and find ways to have fun together and enjoy their family time in Hawaii. If you’re interested in collaborating with me, I’d love to chat with you about how we can best go about sharing your brand with them.

I’m a creative mommy and I’m no stranger to hard-work, so if that’s what you’re looking for in terms of a collaboration partner then good!  We’re open to budgets big and small and offer several sponsorship and collaboration opportunities which include but are certainly no limited to: 1) Sponsored Video Creation that shares our experience  2) Sponsored Posts on the blog and sponsored links within our email newsletter 3) Dedicated emails, which we only occasionally (once a month) send on behalf of sponsoring brands and businesses .



I only support & promote brands/services I really love & would personally recommend. As such, any brand or item featured on Fun Little Ohana is subject to approval. I reserve the right to refuse any brand which I do not believe is relevant to my readers or that I cannot support for any moral, ethical or legal reasons.

I reserve the right to terminate any sponsorship at any time (ie – due to misrepresentation, unethical business practices/conflicts of interest)

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