Wanna Ride a Unicorn Inside of the Mall? Try NEW Hali Hali Rides!

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]eed something new to do with your kids this week? I’ve got something for you! Head on over to Windward Mall and try out the new Hali Hali rides. It’s a new attraction at Windward Mall that features mechanical stuffed animals! Lions, Unicorns, Horses, Zebras, Dinosaurs, and more.

Why didn’t we have this stuff when we were kids? They look like so much fun, I totally want to hop on one myself. (I am soooo serious.)

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Hali Hali Rides is located in the center court of Windward Mall, just in front of Kay Jewelers and is ideal for kids between the ages of 3-9 (though, they will let your 2 year-old try it out and ride it, if they are able.) My girls LOVED it! Didn’t want to leave. (According to my husband, as I was busy at home enjoying my Friday evening catching up on Project Runway. Don’t judge me.)

According to the co-owner, Ivo, a second location will be opening up at Pearlridge Mall from October 1, 2014. And get this- they will soon offer these up for rentals at birthday parties! Yep.

My super supportive husband recorded a snippet of video for me. Have a looksy and go check them out!

UPDATE:  Their New Website http://halihalirides.com/


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