VIDEO: Our Social-Distanced Family Fun Day with Wet ‘n’ Wild

During this pandemic, we’ve been home, adhering to public guidelines, since April. We’ve been exercising, we’ve been gardening, we’ve been homeschooling, we’ve been chillin’- HARD! We’ve become skilled board-game players (I dare you to play my kids in Monopoly). We’ve also grown restless.

Now that we are in month eight of what we initially thought would be four months tops, we have started seeking out social-distanced family fun that allows us to enjoy spending time outside of our home, safely. I have been reluctant to venture too far away from home, with my being newly postpartum, so I’m especially grateful to Wet ‘n’ Wild for their gracious invitation to our family to enjoy a family-fun social-distanced time at their beautiful water park.

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We have visited the Wet ‘n’ Wild water park in Kapolei twice this year. Once in July, just after the first lock-down ended; and again just this past month. Both times, it felt like we had our own personal water park to enjoy- while still maintaining distance between other park goers and families.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park

On our most recent trip, we arrived just at the park opened and were gifted with a full day of park fun and enjoyed one of their air-conditioned premium cabanas. Let me just say, that as a newly postpartum mom with a very curious and mobile twelve month old, the Hale Niu Premium Cabana was just what I need. Granted, I had seen a few different styles of cabanas at the park before then. But, I assumed they would be too expensive and out of my budget, so I didn’t even bother to look them up. Don’t make the same mistake sis. The Wet ‘n’ Wild cabana prices are very reasonable- especially right now. This very well might be the best family fun value deal on the island.

Having that cabana as our home base at the park was pure bliss! Just to keep it one hundred with you, I won’t be water parking without a cabana of some sort again! The pricing is awesome, especially during the week. I HIGHLY recommend it- you hear me? HIGHLY recommend :). It’s a great option for a day-trip.

My kids are all about water parks, pools, splash pads, water slides- you name it, they LOVE it! My husband too is all about water park fun. I, on the other hand, am admittedly, quite water park resistant. I’m certain it’s due to having had a fear of water since my almost drowning as a child. So, fun and water are two very opposing words for me. Thus, I’ve maintained a tolerant relationship with large bodies of water, with safety being at the forefront for me and my family, not fun. If you are like me, then I think you’ll be comforted by the level of attention paid to water safety at Wet ‘n’ Wild. Our family fun time there has gradually put me at ease. They have life jackets of every size available, at no additional charge. They also have a team of very attentive life guards at the ready at every water ride and fun area.

We even enjoyed lunch at the park. My girls pretty much went on every single thing they could, more than once. We remained at the park until the park closed. (You know we go hard- and love to open it up and close it out to get every moment of enjoyment!)

You can watch my quick video recap here:

And here are a few photos from they day 🙂

Overall, I found our family fun day trip at Wet ‘n’ Wild to be just what we needed. A safe, socially-distanced spot to have some fun as a family. If you’re a bit timid about venturing out, this might be a good way to test the waters (hehehe, pun kind of intended).

I’ve added this to our monthly family-fun schedule and just booked us a holiday premium cabana for next month. I’m thinking I might bring a sitter along nexst time, so I can REALLY kick back and have some mommy relaxation time ;).

To View Cabana Booking Options, Go Here:

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