The Truth About Thinx Period Panties (Unsponsored Review)

You’ve probably seen their ads all over FB.  “Can these panties disrupt the $15 Billion feminine hygiene market?” Well guess what? I finally ordered four pair and tried them out during my last cycle. You know I’m about to tell you the truth about them.

Before I begin his review, let me just state very clearly, this is NOT a sponsored review of Thinx. Thinx did not send me anything in exchange for this review. I voluntarily parted with $119.30 of my own money for these panties. The opinions and views expressed here are my very own, and I will be VERY candid in this review (blood, tampons, stains, blood art, pads… etc.) so you have been warned.

Alright, let’s go. But first, watch this:


What is it?

Indeed. What the heck are Thinx? That’s what I wanted to know after seeing their FB ad a few times a month. FB advertising works ya’ll. Thinx primed and peaked my curiosity masterfully over 3-4 months via FB. Very well done Thinx. High-Five!

So here’s what their website describes Thinx period panties as:

“The only period proof underwear.”

“Period Panties for Modern Women.”

“Period Proof Underwear that Protects You from Leaks and Keeps You Feeling Dry.”

Thinx Review Screenshot

Thinx Panties Review Screenshot of How it Works Page

Notice the “So, wait… Do these replace tampons and pads?” at the bottom.


Thinx Review Screenshot of How Does it Work?

Who is it for?

Thinx are for girls and women who have periods.

How Much Does Thinx Cost?

The price range for Thinx is from $24 up to $38 per pair.

Do they actually work?

Now this is where things get messy (pun intended). If you intend to wear Thinx ONLY during your period, we’re talking free-flowing, then girl no! They don’t work! Do not use Thinx as a tampon replacement or a menstrual cup replacement. Don’t even buy them if that’s what you intend. Despite the 20+ reviews on Youtube and via random bloggers, whatever you do, don’t free flow with Thinx if your monthly flow has ever stained or leaked during your entire period life. Did you get that? If you have ever had a period accident… Ever… Since having your period, then do not free-flow in Thinx. Regardless of what every youtuber says. There will be blood… visible blood.

Here’s My Own Personal Experience with Thinx

So I ordered four pair of Thinx and I was so excited about them that I announced it on FB in one of my private mommy communities. Seriously, paying $100+ for period underwear is MAJOR, and I was counting down the days until they arrived, hopefully before my period.

I ordered (2) Sports (1) Hip Hugger and (1) Cheeky. I placed my online order on May 23rd and received the package on May 27th. For Hawaii, that is pretty awesome. Oh, and the packaging was really cute.

+1 Point for Delivery and Packaging

Prior to my purchase, I read a few reviews (5-6) and watched a few youtube videos. Here’s the impression I got from these reviews, “Girrrl, you don’t need no pads and tampons. All you need is Thinx! You can free-flow in these panties all damn day and guess what? Not a single leak!” That’s the impression I walked away with after researching Thinx.

First day of period

I put on a pair of the sporty Thinx around 4PM, right before coaching a mommy fitness session. My first day of flow is pretty light, but just to be safe, I wore black fitness pants with them. I mean, Thinx we’re cool, but I don’t know you like that right now to trust you with my white jeans! Although your website says otherwise…

The sporty cut was a little off for me, it felt like they didn’t really fit my butt. They kept riding up. Which was disappointing because the waist was a little big. It seemed as if  perhaps my butt was a little too round for them. And I don’t have a lot of butt either, but the butt that I do have is round. I ordered the small (I wear a size 0-2, XS in clothing normally). I was tempted to snap a photo and show you, but, I don’t want a photo of me in my period panties out on the internet. Suffice it to say, I’m petite, but my butt roundness might have been a little too much for Thinx.

-1 Point for Fit

So I wore them for about four hours. Then I put on another pair to sleep in, because, what I really want to know is, “Will I wake up with blood on my sheets?” I woke up and no blood! Woohooo! So, I was most excited about no more leaks at night. It was a pretty awesome first night of my period with Thinx!

+1 Point for No Night Leaks

Second Day of Period.

I’m convinced Thinx is the (their words on their packaging, not mine). So a sista gets a little bold. I contemplated wearing my precious, coveted, hug me in the all of the right places white jeans to my office, but again, Thinx I don’t know you like that. So I wore some tie-dyed jeans instead (they are cuter than they sound), my thinking behind this was, if I should happen to have a leak, the free form blood spots could potentially blend in with the design, minimizing public embarrassment.

I put on a pair of the Hip Huggers around 8AM, went to my office and did some work in  until 12PM. I returned home and was feeling kind of ‘wet’ as in ‘leaking blood wet’, so I decided to give my precious Thinx a check, and here’s a photo of what I saw.

Thinx Period Panties Leak

Thinx Leaking PantiesOh no!

My free-flow was too much for Thinx to handle. I was deflated. It kinda felt like you’d learned your best friend was talking about you behind your back or something. I felt let down. I had such high hopes for Thinx. (sigh)

So I took off my pants, and in the middle of taking them off, I received a Skype call on my computer from my husband, and a phone call from a mom interested in one of my fitness classes.  So I sat down at my desk chair, took down all of her information, all the while keeping my 18 month old entertained with an orange and a quarter on my desk, with my husband patiently waiting via video for my client call to end on Skype, in leaking period panties. By the end of the phone call plus my Skype video call, I had forgotten about my leaky period panties. But I was quickly reminded when I got up from my chair.


-3 Points for MAJOR Leaking

Side Note: Did you know there is something called period art, where some women paint with their monthly fluids. (gag) Yes, it’s true. The photo above reminded me of that.

Back to the story, I removed my precious back-stabbing Thinx, found a tampon, and went back to old faithful on my heavy days, the tampon. I put on another pair of Thinx panties because, I realize that perhaps Thinx is more of a ‘panty-liner’ replacement than a tampon replacement. And that’s when I started meticulously reading their website copy because somehow, I felt I had missed something.

What I Like About Thinx

I like that Thinx is trying to solve a BIG problem. What is that? The problem of blood leaks, stained clothing and sheets during your monthly. I also like that they are trying to solve it with a more sustainable product.

+ 1 Point for Mission & Problem Solving

I like Thinx’s branding. I want to meet their marketing team and learn from them. They are the sh*t. They are good. Thinx if you’re reading this, great job on the marketing, branding, and advertising. You guys rock! You know your audience and you woo the heck out of them! Huge fan here in Hawaii.

I LOVE that Thinx is thinking about girls in developing countries and is empowering them to sew reusable cloth pads for their periods. You know what would be even cooler? If Thinx showed them how to sew actual Thinx underwear by themselves. Bam! Then, Thinx would be helping girls in the developing world from leaking just like us in the developed world.

What I Don’t Like About Thinx

I don’t like the cut of their sport panties. And I ordered two. The cut is for flat butts. There, I said it. If you’re butt isn’t flat, don’t get the sport panties. They will annoy you. You’ll be digging them out all day. Trust me.

I don’t like that they leaked during my free-flow. I seriously got the impression from their website and reviews that free-flowing in Thinx was the purpose. The website says, “Thinx definitely eliminates the need for panty-liners.” And that is so true. It does that. Only, it seemed as if they were trying to send the message that they are much more than a panty-liner. To me, I got the impression that one could free-flow like Wyclef in Thinx. They had me really hyped up.

[Cue the Fugees “Fu-gee-la”]

Thus, while I think the marketing team of Thinx are geniuses, I do however, think the overall message of Thinx hypes it up to be a bit more than it really is. Does it replace the panty-liner or does it do more? I guess it depends on your flow, as they say on their site. Hmmmm, maybe I am disappointed with the reviewers? Perhaps I’m simply among the minority of reviewers who just can’t free flow in Thinx? I don’t know. But there is definitely some disappointment with Thinx that exists. Who’s to blame for it? I don’t know.

My Overall Impression of Thinx

Here’s what I know, Thinx has prompted me to really get my stuff together when it comes to my monthly flow. I’m trying out the Diva cup next. I’m going for it. I really like the idea of not using throw-away paper products for my monthly. I also felt liberated, if only for one day, form that freakin’ tampon. Thanks Thinx!

Will I use Thinx again? Yeah, I think i’ll keep them as my night-time leak protection panties. But, since the fit is kind of strange, I doubt I’ll wear them out if it involves a lot of moving around.

Finally, Thinx, we’re cool. But, I’m so so so happy I didn’t mess up my cute, ‘hug me in all of the right places white jeans’, using you. That #4 Lead Resistant claim on your website… I don’t know about all of that…

  1. Thanks for your entertaining review! I thought about trying Thinx, but I already have some Sckoon organic cotton period panties with a waterproof layer. Thinx makes it sound like they invented period panties, but many of the brands making cloth pads have also been selling panties for years. Sounds like Thinx would work just right paired with a menstrual cup.

  2. Thanks for reviewing these, I’ve been pondering the purchase. I’m a big fan of diva cup, hope it works for you (though I still use a light pad for just in case). Wonder if the two could work together and eliminate all the disposables.

    1. Thank your for sharing your experience and being so open and candid. I came upon your article because I googled “thinx underwear leaks”. I am currently siting in my first pair of Thinx and am experiencing that free-bleed leakage. I have two pairs of Knix that also leaked on me, but I also felt like they were more for light days and tampon backup. I was able to get my Thinx on a clearance sale (because I have been debating for about 2 years whether or not to spend $100+ on underwear). Thix advertising is great but I also thought it would eliminate the need for pads and tampons (less waste! eco-friendly!). Fully agree that my Thinx are going to be tampon back up and for light days.

  3. Thanks so much for your honest review! I thought I was the only one who couldn’t “free flow” with Thinx. I guess it is a good back up for tampons or the diva cup, but I definitely agree that all the reviews (and their website) make it seem like you should be able to free flow and be protected. I too ruined a pair of pants!

  4. i tried it today & am so confused! i read great reviews & both the website & packaging says its leak proof. Well, i decided to try them on my last day when my flow is minimal & by minimal i mean that it is scarce! i wore them for 3 hours ( the ones that absorb 1 & a half tampon) & i rubbed a tissue from the outside; it stained bloody! so disappointed & mad actually for wasting my money but more for the fact that i thought they would be like they claim(something great)!

  5. Thanks for your honest and bold response to this. I was wondering if the reviews I was reading were somehow sponsored by Thanx since they were all so positive. I was thinking of experimenting with these since it would in theory save me money in the long run if I’m not constantly spending money on pads (I’m not a tampon girl at all), and it would be more environmentally friendly.
    The other thing I’m concerned about is that I’m a bigger girl, and those models on the site looked like even they were squeezing into them.
    But if I’m going to have to double up potentially on pads and panties, then there’s not much point in trying them out. My funds are pretty slim as I’m just about to move to another country to go to school for the next few years.
    Thank you again for honest review of the product!

  6. I am a Baker and must wear white every day to work and I have heavy periods, like a tampon per hour. I bought some thinx for extra protection and then wore white shorts under my pants. It didn’t even make it to my lunch. It was like my flow came so fast it couldn’t absorb fast enough so it leaked out the sides. Still need to wear a pad.

  7. Thank you do much for your honest review! I have been debating on whether to buy these panties as a replacement for both my pads and tampons, and (like yourself) was convinced by both the website and other reviews that it was intended for that purpose. My flow for the first two or three days is extremely heavy, to the point that I have to lay a towel down on my bed in order to avoid staining my sheets. You have just saved me a world of disappointment, and at least now if I decide to try these, it will be with the understanding that they are simply backup, not replacements.

  8. Love your review – Very funny and informative. I was also under the impression that I could free-flow in these. I’m glad I found your review before spending a bunch of money. I’m curious about what you thought of the Diva cup – I’ve been looking for safer alternatives to stop using tampons and a lot of people tell me about the cup.

  9. I find that a pair of hiphuggers fits me nicely and works in place of about one pad before it starts leaking. I wear it on light days when I need a break from chafing with a pad and change at lunchtime when I’m home. The panties start feeling wet before they leak, so that’s a good sign that it’s time to change.

  10. Thank you for this in depth, very candid review. I appreciate your research and bravery to put it all out there, well done! 🙂

  11. Thank you for reviewing these so honestly. I could never gamble on the $100+ for a starter set, even with all those positive reviews out there. Since turning 35, I bleed for days. And with an IUD it’s very heavy. No way would these work at all. I agree that the mission is great but as other comments have said, there are many affordable cloth products out there. I use cloth at night (they are too bulky and wrinkly with daytime clothes) and have only made that purchase once in ten years.

  12. I wanted to love Thinx *so* bad, and at first, I did.

    I’ve been primarily using Thinx for nearly a year. At first, they seemed to work—even with my irregular and sometimes very heavy flow [it used to border on straight-up dangerous: I’d lose six ounces in a single cycle, which I kept track of using a DivaCup, as a result of health complications from a copper IUD which I have obviously since removed], as long as I changed them often enough [up to two or three times in a 24-hour span] they were leak-free and kept me dry.

    I evangelized. So hard. To every woman I knew. I was obsessed.

    Then…I noticed that they kind of stopped working as well after the first couple months, despite my following the care instructions to a tee.

    They started leaking–even after just a little bit of bleeding.

    Moreover, they stopped wicking away the blood and keeping me dry–they’re not breathable [since they’re supposed to be leak-proof] and started to just feel *really* gross…like I had saran-wrapped blood against my business so that it would just fester and stay moist. Yeah. Not pleasant.

    I think they may have an issue with wearing out quickly, but I haven’t read any other reviews so far of women experiencing this. That, or the leak-proof-ness may be contingent on a tight fit, and perhaps the elastic isn’t hugging me as well as it was when they were brand new.

    It is a bummer. I was so in love with this product. I stubbornly held onto my loyalty and hope even after they’d regularly started leaking, for months, before I had to admit to myself the disappointing truth that they just…don’t quite work.

    1. Hi Anna,
      Thanks for your review – this makes me feel at least that I’m not crazy 🙂 I’ve been having the same issues with every model of Thinx I own, but didn’t in the beginning. So I was wondering all the same things. Thinx has always been really nice and helpful when I reached out with my questions and I have had several pairs replaced by them. But always ending with the same issue. Even with a completely new pair now, where blood came through to the front where the sowing thread lines are. The interesting thing is that I also own 2 panties of Modibodi’s and I never experienced anything similar. I like the design of Thinx better, but Modibodi’s material is softer and well.. they have not (yet?) ever leaked and they let me free bleed without any issues.
      I’m so happy (although I wished for you you’d had a better experience of course haha) to read someone having the same issue of leaking straight through the fabric, because I really thought I did something wrong even though I’d been following all the instructions too. I’m sad because I won’t buy them again, but happy as Thinx introduced me to the whole concept and their content around female subjects is great anyways. I might buy more Modibodi if I need to, or try another brand.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    2. SIZING: I bought my 16yr old one pair about one year ago. She loves them, but she is a heavy/fast flow on most of the nine days she is on. So she used as a backup or for nighttime. She loves them so much that I bought her 3 more pair recently. She said she’ll be using them more often in lieu of any other products now that she has multiple pair. BUT… she is a 5’4 muscular and curvy Womens size 8/M. I bought the THINX TEEN in the largest size they carry.

  13. This is a bit hard to read from how heavily negative and bitter it is, that said, I appreciated the pics of your stained clothes/floor(no censoring!) <- that's actually the same ideology behind why women do "period art" and I don't think it's disgusting. Some girls have never seen period blood and most men don't ever. It's the same ideology as you sharing your blood, so there's that.

    That hella bitter thing about helping women in developing countries I could not stand. I have a big pet peeve about people bad mouthing ethical companies/charities for "not doing enough" bc of assumptions.

    They don't randomly give girls expensive panties. They help existing Pad-sewers who ALREADY make pads train local women on how, and they give a girl a set of reusable/cheap pads so they won't miss school. What you stated is exactly what they do: Train women to make pads. On top of that they get to be financially independent and work.

    -1 for making a good company that helps girls get an education & empower Ugandan women/entrepreneurs sound like a greedy villain because of your misinformation. :/

  14. Haha! Sam, I have no idea how you got negative and bitter from this review. Funny, yes. Cheeky, perhaps. But negative and bitter, I don’t see it. I even reread my story in a negative and bitter tone to try and hear it from your perspective, sorry, just doesn’t come off that way because that’s not the tone it was written in.

    Which leads me to to think, you must be a Thinx employee troll disappointed in not drinking the Thinx koolaid?

    I did take a few sips my friend, but… I couldn’t drink the whole cup. All the best to you (you’ll probably interpret that as negative and bitter too)

    1. Hi Takara,
      Thank you for your review! Interesting takes people have, but, I found your review very helpful, so again, thank you. A few quick question since you’ve had Thinx for a bit now? You mentioned fitness– are Thinx particularly hot when working out? Do you still use them? If you are very sweaty do they help/work in conjunction with a tampon (pads seem to come loose with too much activity and sweat)? Lastly, for high impact activity (jumprope, box jumps, etc..) do they help with other mild leaking (okay, just so were clear, urinary leakage).
      Thanks so much for your advice!

  15. This had me ROARING. So funny. Well, probably not as funny to you as you’re sitting in unintentional period art, but thanks for taking one for the team.

  16. Yo. I still messed up my bed and my boyfriend’s bed with thinx. First time with my boyfriend I thought it was me. Now my second period and I’m alone and I know it’s not.

  17. To add, I wasn’t free flowing. I wear pads at night though. The xs is looser than my typical underwear. I am talking about thinx’ two heavy flow panties. I wonder if the looseness may contribute. At least unlike my usual underwear it doesn’t contribute to my bloating pains. I too made period art. That was the second time in a row I messed up my boyfriend’s bed that morning. He came back from getting a coffee and I was whining like don’t come in here. I spilled my lady ink on your white comforters (just like that art) and was frantically trying to clean it up as he was trying to hold me back and hug me telling me it is ok. Fought for my life to clean it up.

  18. Thank you so much for the honesty! I still will buy a pair or two but now I have realistic expectations! Anywau, thanks so much, have a good one.

  19. I went to a Thinx pop up today–the Thinx rep was very thorough in explaining the materials and ideal use of each style. The styles not only range in cut and coverage–they also have different levels of protection. The two styles that you ordered were definitely on the lighter side–each style holds 1x or 1.5x the fluid that a tampon would hold. You could definitely not use these to wholly replace a tampon for a whole day if you change out your tampon every 4 hours or so. The boyshorts and high waisted styles hold 2 tampons worth of blood–those could maybe get you through a day. The rep was very honest and transparent about the ideal use–to replace pantiliners, to use on light days, or for spotting (as I was when I was recovering from my IUD insertion). I wanted to see them in person–they are absolutely true to size. I have a curvier bottom and hips, I feel comfortable in the small. Overall, I was quite happy with them. My period flow is so light that it is very painful for me to wear tampons–so this is a great product for people with light flows. I could never be happy using pantyliners and I don’t have to suffer through dry uncomfortable tampons. But I can also see how this is a great backup product for those with heavy flows that need extra protection–especially in the high coverage styles.

  20. Thanks for the review. My issue is the opposite. I like how they work as a backup with a menstrual cup, but I can’t stand their message. It’d be a good one if they didn’t go so far left into crazy Town.

  21. Thank you for this review! I was also under the impression that you could free flow. I was looking for something nighttime when things are harder to keep under control. Guess I will have to look elsewhere. Maybe make something on my own for night.

  22. I laughed soooo much! So refreshing. I just saw these on the DC Metro–multiple panels! I see how good their marketing is by your replies. marketing job they

    But seriously, why try this product if you ever bled through unexpectedly (much less on heavy days)? In my 40 years of menstruating I never could rely on any one product during my heavy or unpredictable days. I used those thick post-pregnancy pads; cotton health food store pads; a menstrual cup; my cervical cap; my diaphragm. I only trusted two extra-super tampons at once plus a pad–for hiking, dancing, etc. I could still bleed over the side. This wasn’t hemorrhaging doctors said. Clots were the problem. Normal.

    Anyway, this is a new era where we can discuss being on the rag publicly. I just looked at some menstrual cup advertising and I was impressed by their frankness! Hurrah! Thanks for reading the experience of this menopausal 59 year old.

    1. That’s called menorrhagia and it’s not normal. Most doctors don’t take it seriously, even women doctors. There are several medical articles about how women overestimate their blood loss – basically telling doctors that what is reported is exaggerated. Just calling this out for anyone else experience heavy bleeding like you. Keep trying until you find a doctor who takes your concerns seriously.

  23. Thanks for this review, I thought I was the only one who couldn’t free flow in them! I have very light (light tampon on heaviest day light) periods so thought THINX would be a great, sustainable option. I too leaked and ruined my outfit. The cut doesn’t work for my bigger butt as it means the leg holes always end up bloody. I’ve got 4 pairs of thinx, flesh colored hip huggers, same in black and then two thong style. They’re great for when I get my period unexpectedly to buy me 10 minutes to make it to the bathroom. Other than that they only work as a back up to tampons. I feel a bit let down by all the hype, which made it seem like a genuine replacement for pads. I’m also a bit grossed out by the smell, if I put them on at 7am by the time I get home the smell is noticeable. They also stink after a few hours when you visit the bathroom and it can be a bit like sitting in your own blood, forget trying to do any sports in them unless you want to leak and smell. Your review highlighted all of this and was so funny! I wish I’d read this before forking out for these panties!

  24. I thought thinx was gonna be a miracle and replace pads all together. The first day, with a light period, the cheeky pair went well with no leakage. Just getting off my patch and going on a copper IUD, I have had irregular periods and don’t know which days I would get light, medium or heavy flows yet. So the second day, I was paranoid and wore a pad with the hiphugger, just to even visually see how much my flow was before maybe removing the pad halfway. My flow was pretty light and that pair touched no blood. Yesterday night, I decided to wear the boy short since that pair had the largest surface area. It also cut in a way that looks like the back panels have leak protection. I was still paranoid and wore a pad! Guess what? I leaked during the night! Cause blood went up my butt craxk and leaked in the back. The boy short had no leak protection in the back even though it looks like it does! My pad wasn’t soaked either, just blood had gone through the back and there was ZERO protection there. Reading al these reviews, im shocked and unsure of how I’ll keep using the pairs of underwears knowing that they leak.

  25. I love my Thinx. Wore my hiphuggers all day yesterday (second day of period, heavy) right through my evening soccer practice. No leaks! I’m starting to think that my heavy days aren’t as high on the heavy scale as some other people. But usually I use 3 super plus tampons in a day! I am trying the sport style today for the first time 🙂

  26. I’ve been seeing ads for Thinx everywhere, so thought I’d check out some reviews and stumbled across your post. I’m just echoing what others have said but thanks SO MUCH for this brilliant review, which was honest, hilarious and extremely helpful.

  27. I wish I had read this before spending A LOT of money on thinx. They worked for the first day but the rest of the time I had been wet, which is not what I was going for. I am a pads girl all the way so being told they’re extra protection for a tampon is so frustrating. I wish their website was more clear that they’re not going to replace a pad.

  28. Do remember think points out everyone’s flow is different also most undies point out hold 2-3 tampons worth not a days worth.

  29. I LOVE YOU! Thank you for an HONEST no-nonsense review and with pics! YOU KNOW/FEEL my pain! I am a forever fan because of your sincerity. I bought some Thinx because I, too, am wanting to see what the hype is about and if I can be free, if even for a day, from a leak!

  30. Thanks for this! I appreciate your honesty, and you answered a lot of questions I had. And I love that you were kind in your evaluation of the company: pointed out the good with the bad. You definitely saved me some time, $$, and laundry! Thanks again!

  31. I have been using Thinx (only the Hi-waist cut) for about 6 months now and it has been life changing! I hated pads/tampons and have been able to rely only on the panties. It must depend on your flow though so I think it’s important for girls to get all that info.

  32. Hey there!
    I found your blog looking for other Thinx reviews that actually talk about their leaks. I’ve been using Thinx for three years to back up my menstrual cup. I ruined my first pairs because I wasn’t aware that you shouldn’t use peroxide to clean them, because c’mon three years of use you occasionally need a deep clean. So from that point they started leaking through. I replaced them with their new cotton pairs and on the first wear (again backing up my cup) they leaked through the stitching. I wrote to them and they told me I must have overestimated their capacity. I then exchanged them for the OG hip huggers I started with and have had the same problem once again. Thanks for your candid review. I wish Thinx was as candid.

  33. THANK YOU! You were the only real review I think they were all unicorns and flowers but I am a skeptic of things that seem magical when it comes to my money. You were honest and funny thanks again!

  34. I am so happy to see an honest and real review about this product. I wish that THINX would be more upfront about it being ONLY used as backup for a tampon or menstrual cup. The way they advertise it by saying “on average women spend $XX on period products every year. Thats 8 pairs of THINX” is so misleading.. Because if it can only be used as a backup, I’d still have to buy tampons and would be spending double the yearly amount that the average woman spends in year.. I tried to freeflow in this after taking a shower and in 40 mins (watched a show on Netflix) I had blood all over my couch kinda like your unintentional period art!

  35. This post was so validating. I was thinking maybe I just beed more than everyone else, but no– thinx just isn’t meant for a free flow. Also.. you didn’t write about this so maybe it wasn’t your experience, but I think they can get to smelling kind of bad 🙁

  36. Thanks so much for this honest review. I tried my first pair last night and while I don’t *think* I leaked (my bedding and Thinx are both black), I was surprised that they did NOT keep me dry. I don’t mean I ignored dampness as a sign of needing to change them – I mean they immediately felt wer and stayed wet the whole time.

    I am also XS0-2, also ordered small, also have a round butt, and yup, I thought my period bloat was off ththe charts because they don’t fit well.

    I use a diva cup as my primary method, and it is truly life changing and I LOVE it. I hope you have since tried and fallen in love with it.

    I mostly got Thinx because I recently learned cups are NOT immune to TSS, and sleeping in a cup can increase that risk since you’re keeping it in for 7+ hours. Plus, we don’t have staff restrooms at the museum where I work, so I can’t properly clean a cup midday and hoped I could take it out and rely on Thinx for the afternoon. Based on your review i think keeping a backup cup will be the safer choice.

    TLDR definitely get DivaCup, loved your honest review. and would love to know if anyone else feels wet in thinx right off the bat!

  37. I am wearing my Thinx right now for the first time, but I am using a Pad too. I can see how this underwear can eliminate my pantie liners need. And Oh how I need them everyday. I also thought its for free flow now I know I wont bother to try it on my heavy days.

  38. I almost fell for it, as well… but then, before I read your review, I was like “Wait! What happens to the great big gobs of jelly?” Not to mention my flow is heavy… I filled a cup in 20 minutes on a heavy day… no way these things could handle that. And to be frank, I like changing anyway… I do not want dead blood hanging around next to my Lady Parts for more than three hours, so I’m gonna need ‘how many bazillion pairs?” for my 6 day flow. And it’s not a flow – think lava… no thin blankets at my hotel!
    Thanks for the honesty! It’s a great idea, but falls short. I’ll continue to make my own pads, and use the cup and commercial pads for when I have to be out. I buy up Japanese pads when I go there – best I can get!

  39. Amusing and informative review, but wait… did you say you wore them from 8am until 12pm? Dear lady, you wore those pants for 16 hours – no wonder they were leaking! Obviously everyone’s body is different and maybe someone with absolutely minimal flow would get away with wearing the same period pants for that length of time, but I think you were expecting a bit much from those poor pants. I’ve read that you should change your Thinx every 8 hours or so (dependent on flow, obviously) but you wore them for twice that length of time. Plus, the Thinx website says that Hiphuggers are for you to “wear on moderate days” and will hold about 2 tampons’ worth of blood; that’s a pretty light flow right there. I know I couldn’t get away with wearing just 2 regular tampons for 16 hours, especially not on Day 2 of surfing red! Thinx do a range of pants to deal with heavy days right down to “light” and beyond, so maybe you picked the wrong ones? It’s still a horrible thing to happen (who the hell wants to leak onto their jeans!) so I have total sympathy and do get your disdain for the product. I just think you should have been more realistic in your expectations as any period product would have failed under those circumstances.

      1. Hey lady! I adore your review. I’m wondering which strength of panty you got. I knew I had to get the heavy bleed ones but I’m still very new to Thinx. So far so good and tested on a few periods I’ve had entirely free flowing. I haven’t gotten to test the white pants idea though yet. Great review just wondering if you used the panties with light bleeding requirements on your heavy days. I had to make sure I bought the right bleed strength for me lol sounds funny to say lol

    1. You are totally correct on the other points, though!

      Wearing a moderate absorbent underwear alone on a heavy day is not gonna work! If you want to wear light or moderate on a heavy day, use it as backup only. Moderate is for Moderate or lighter flow ONLY. When used correctly it should cover you for the whole day ♥ (according to their website anyway…)
      I cringed though when I saw this because the writer clearly didn’t do the “know your flow” test and didn’t read how much each pair absorbs. And as a result they leaked everywhere which is sad and I feel bad for them.

  40. Thanks for the review! My period is weird post 3 kids and at 38 and tampons and cups make me hurt inside and pads are annoying so I was considering this for free flowing glad I stumbled on your reviews before I invested!

  41. The hip huggers say they hold up to 2 tampons worth. Shoot, on day 2 of your period, you’re on the heaviest day. You would have been already moving onto your 3rd tampon by the afternoon, no wonder you were leaking!

  42. Hey Takara,

    I would recommend trying their heavier flow before you knock them completely. It could still be a good brand but I’d suggest using the Cheeky and Sport on your medium to lighter days. You should be able to wear them for 8 hours without the fear of leaking. If you have to change your panty before 4 hours, and you’re not using their Super Hiphugger and Super Hi-Waist, I’d suggest trying those as well. You need at the very least 20mL of protection on your heavy days (“standard” heavy days). All of the period panties you purchased are less than 20mL.

    I personally don’t have Thinx. Based on the amount of mL Thinx says the panties you purchased can handle, I would say those panties are for a medium to low flow. I never considered myself to have a heavy flow but these panties might make you feel that way. Luckily I did enough research and got the right panties for my flow, on my first purchase.

    I would advise buying at least 4 pairs if you plan to purchase for 2 different flows. This allows one to dry while you wear the other of the same flow. I handwash mine until I’m able to wash them with my other clothes (without fabric softener to prolong their use).

    I own 4 pairs of Modibodi panties. 2 are the Classic Boyshort I use on my heavy days. I wear these all day and experience no leaks (20mL). My other 2 are the Classic Bikini for my lightest days. These I can also wear all day (10mL). After trial and error I accepted these are more like panty liners for my spotting days because these will leak any other day.

    Note the Bikini holds half the amount of the Boyshort and I also wear size XS and have the same size in pants. Modibodi allows you to refer friends and both yourself and your friends saves money on their purchase ($15USD). I believe the referral is for first time buyers.

    The Thinx products in this review
    Moderate Absorbency:
    18mL Hiphugger
    14mL Sport
    Light Absorbency:
    9mL Cheeky

      1. Right…. clearly I just didn’t read the website and packaging right. My opinions about it are simply my invalidated because of your experience? Okay girl.

  43. It’s such a shame they didn’t work for you. However, it states on their website how many “tampons worth” each pair will hold. If you wouldn’t make it that long in just one tampon (which I’m guessing you wouldn’t), then Thinx won’t hold either.
    I LOVE Thinx. They changed my life. I get allergies from SO many materials. Needless to say sanitary pads would make me raw. Even tampons were painful. I tried 3 different cups but still got rashes and sore parts. Then, I came across Thinx (I tried other brands too but they’re all WAY bulkier)… Total life changer! On heavy days I change during the day, but on normal to light days I can wear a pair for day, and a pair for night. No rashes, no allergies, no leaks, no mess! I even forget I’m on my period! LOVE them!
    I do realise they might but work for everyone, but I just HAD to share with you how totally opposite my experience was with them.

  44. I use the cup and the thinx together. It has eliminated night time leaks and ruined jeans. The first time I ever wore them was at a wedding on my heaviest day (with cup of course) After the outdoor ceremony and then a bus to the reception place I felt some leakage and the thinx saved my life. I would’ve had to go home and in the light colored summer dress I was wearing I definitely would’ve ruined a chair or two and been noticed by others. I think I may have been the best first experience you could have with those damn panties . I was ecstatic and a convert. I tell everyone who will listen. Perfect combo and I will never be without the them again. Unless something better come out 😉 I might try a pair of another brand to see if there are better fits out there. I think I have the hipsters and yeah the fit kind of sucks but not bad enough that I’ll stop wearing them!

  45. This review was so entreteined, I really liked it, I personally bought a few item from Thinx since my husband saw the advertisment in the NY train and he knows how I suffer with my period, so I checked that out, and ended up buying 4 items so far and I absolutely love the brand! I love the concept of the product and I just thought why this thing didn’t exist when I was a teenager😭!!
    My favorites are the Hi-Waist! I have 2, and today I received the Boyshort and the Cotton Thong.
    I always had the idea of a back up pantys to not get the leaks, and I use reusable menstrual pads that I bought from Amazon, now I can tell I’m in peace with my period…❤️❤️❤️

  46. Using their medium to light flow underwear on your heaviest days… dude of course they didn’t work for you! The cheeky pair is basically for nothing days when you don’t want any surprises, but I feel like they make that abundantly clear on the website.
    Also, you’re not wrong, the sporty undies do ride up, but I like my underwear that way, it’s basically how “cheeky” underwear works, no?
    I’ve been using Thinx for years at this point. I do wear a cup on my heaviest days, but that’s because you wouldn’t wear a pad for 4-8 hours either, right?
    I feel like this is just such a click-bait article, you expected magic from a functional menstrual tool just like anything else. Try the shorts out – I regularly free bleed in those and have had a problem only once or twice (monsoon days)!
    Period underwear is a lifesaver, and fantastic for the planet. I’m not a paid advertiser and I think they’re amazing, albeit expensive. You wouldn’t wear a tampon or a pad for hours on end on your heaviest flow days, and you shouldn’t expect it from underwear either. Don’t be scared by this article, just be realistic with your level of flow!

    1. So basically Thinx is amazing and it’s my fault for misunderstanding their product, website, and available options? Okay girl.

      1. just for the record, I have multiple pairs of the ‘super’ kind and they are the same as your experience – leaks leaks and leaks after only 2 or 3 hours. Thinx lies.

  47. Thank you for the great and candid review. I have spent the last 15+ years using only a menstrual cup (except those weeks after baby where I waddled around in those surfboard pads), but my 10-year old daughter came home from school late last year talking about period undies, so I thought I should give them a go before she got her period.
    I bought Modibodi and ThinxBtwn (the THNX teen brand because I actually have barely any curves so woman-shaped things never fit me). Both say they hold up to 4 tampons’ worth. I don’t even know what that means anymore, but I empty my menstrual cup (the large post-baby size) in the morning and at night, and usually an extra time in the afternoon on heavy days. I can feel when my cup is full, so I haven’t had leaks for years.
    My verdict: Modibodi are more comfortable, but THNX are more flattering. I CAN free-flow in both brands, BUT… I discovered that most of my bleeding happens when I go to the bathroom. Maybe it’s 15 years of menstrual cup use that have given me amazing muscles?! Modibodi and THNX mean that I use my cup for about 3 days instead of 6.
    I still prefer my cup, but I am not sure if my daughter will manage a cup when she first starts her period, so I would love for these underwear to work for her. Does anyone have experience with their teens using them??

    1. Thank you Kim! I too have become a huge fan of the menstrual cup, it’s my new go-to. I think i’ll give Thinx another try, it’s been six years since this initial review and looks like they have new designs 🙂

  48. Sorry I need to add a correction to my comment. I stated the Thinx light absorbency equals 45ml but that is the super absorbency. The light equals 18ml not 45ml. Everything else was correct in terms of equivalent to 3.7 teaspoon and how long I could wear these on my heaviest days.

  49. Ugh, I’m gutted I only came across this now. I bought Thinx a year ago, before the design change (I believe so) that lets you chuck them in the washing machine. I honestly don’t think my flow is that heavy; I know of some people who have to wear a tampon and pad or bleed thru a super tampon in a couple hours. I’m not one of those people (I do not use tampons. I really really want to as I’m sick of living my life around my period and not being able to swim, go for long walks, work out in my home gym etc. That being said I think I have some sort of issue and am going to see a gynecolegist ASAP). I do use heavy flow/night pads, but I think that’s more just because I want to feel protected rather than knowing how heavy my flow actually is. Because you had to (still have to?) hand wash and air dry them (which due to the materials used took overnight/the whole day on my heated towel rack in my bathroom) I didn’t want to be left without protection, as like you I thought I’d be OK effectively free bleeding into them as my flow isn’t that heavy (although once in a blue moon I get the full shebang with nausea, vomiting bile, diarrhoea, heavy bleeding, profuse sweating and I’m stuck in my bathroom for about half a day until I take prescription meds for the nausea and Buscopan/IBS meds for the diarrhoea. Weirdly after the first day/half day I’m fine) so I bought 8 (all of them the highest absorbency they offered at the time/supposedly 5 tampons worth; 2 Super Hiphuggers in Pine, 2 Super Hi Waist in Black, 2 Super Cotton Briefs in Black and 2 Super Cotton Briefs in Juniper) Wasted a ridiculous amount of money on them. *after* a $63.60 ‘bundle’ discount, including shipping, I spent $274.40. Then because I’m in the UK, I had to pay customs/import fees, whch was another $126.86, for a grand total of $401.26 (£282.43). I think I wore them around my 2nd day (I don’t know which day is mt heaviest or anything like that so I could go for a walk which I’d scheduled with a friend of mine and our parents, got back – maybe wore them 2, max 3 hours – and they had already leaked/I had bled through them (I was wearing either the Jupiter or Pine so you could see).
    If they were comfortable I’d consider wearing them at night or round about when my period is due (bad diet = irregular cycle and missed periods for me. Before I put the weight I lost back on and got lax with my health they were almost like clockwork) but they’re not at all. $400 for so called period underwear which are now stuffed in the bottom of a drawer with my old underwear that’s too small.
    Only thing I can think of is I may wear them after I get checked out by a gyno and hopefully try a cup until I get over the learning curve
    Are there any other bramds of period panties you recommend that ship to tue UK?

  50. You are welcome to your opinion but this is not a fair review of thinx! The styles you choose are VERY important as they have different absorption. Everyone is different and it may take some trial and error but they are amazing. I absolutely love the new boy shorts! Sometimes I’ll use in conjunction with a diva cup but haven’t had to buy tampons in over 2 years.

  51. I tried thinx underwear and was disappointed as well. I wore one pair overnight the afternoon I got my period, so it was pretty light. The next morning I put on a new pair wondering if I might have to change panties in the middle of the day, as I anticipated my flow to be moderate. (My heavy day is usually my third day.) After 3 hours, it had leaked pretty bad and I knew they would never work for me. I was so disappointed!

  52. I too was fooled by all of the reviews and the marketing – such a waste of money.
    My complaints:
    * I get why, but the black interior lining means I have no idea how much bleeding I’ve done, so hard to know when to change. It is definitely not an all day pad for me except maybe at the very end of my period when I might/might not be done.
    * So expensive and they take a while to dry, so I have to wait until I am doing a load of laundry to wash them (no fabric softener) and then wait for them to dry. This means I couldn’t wear them every day even if I wanted to.
    * No room for the booty
    * Most importantly, they leak, like everywhere, not just the sides or that one weird spot on your butt.
    The only positive thing is that I supposed I am saving a little landfill on those days I do where them, although I am not sure how the making of these compares to the making of one pad….

  53. Hey! This post is a bit old but I hope you reconsider their super absorbent hiphuggers. I wish I found out about thinx 5 years ago but just got them and am in love! Of course, everyone has different “flows”, so those with heavier flows won’t be able to wear them confidently without leakage. I don’t consider myself a super heavy flow girl, but got super hiphuggers and I’ve had one case where there was leakage like in your photo with the underwear laid out, but after that I figured depending on the day of my flows, I have to change into a new pair and wash the other because I flow extra hard on the heavier days. I still love them because I don’t have to put a bath towel on my bed anymore before I go to sleep. The flowing truly happens in the morning, when you stand up and the “GUSHHH” feeling (if you know, you know). I know they don’t work for everyone but they are truly a lifesaver for me, (always have used pads and too scared to try diva cup or tampons) + the mission and idea is lovely. I recently found out Victoria’s secret is also selling something similar but I doubt they will capture heavy flows as well. Hope you write a review on those soon! I’ll be reading 🙂

  54. I bought a set of 4 super mostly to sleep in and first month i wore them the whole month and life was grand, washed em in the machine an air dried them, 2nd month i’m bleeding right through them in no time. I’m really sad because it was good that first month. Ill probably use them in lieu of pantyliners w my cup but I’m really bummed this wasnt the answer.

  55. As a mother of an autistic daughter, these underwear are a blessing. Even when I have my period and wearing tampons, I do not go 4 hours without checking myself. I do the same for my daughter. We have never had an accident as I do not set it and forget it. If that is what you are looking for, you need to wear a tampon and a full coverage pad. For those of us with autistic girls, this underwear is the perfect answer.

  56. I knew right away when the author showed me that they are a TERF that this was not a person with sense or good opinions. I have used Thinx ONLY as a complete replacement, I have an INCREDIBLY heavy flow so I opted for the heavy flow/hi waisted panties. I like F U L L coverage for these bloody times. Maybe it wasn’t the right panty, maybe it was user error. However it seems, do not make your decision based on this article. As a fellow Hawaii local…cmon at least +2 points for that shipping when you compare it to others.

  57. I bought Speax (leaky old lady underwear), bought the suggested size. I am *big*, but my legs aren’t. I complained about the fit, they shipped the next size lower, no charge, and I still had a fit problem. I complained. (No, I’m not some cranky old lady, they ask you for your opinion in emails.) I changed from French cut to just high top, and, of course, they didn’t ask for a return, because they don’t want them. Now I have nine pairs and I feel guilty. Did finally get a good size, though, and I no longer buy incontinence pads.

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