Are Tiffin Boxes the “Hydro Flasks” of the LunchBox World?

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast month I watched the Lunchbox and was intrigued at the metal lunchbox looking thingy prominently featured throughout the movie. I later learned it was called a tiffin box or tiffin carrier. Apparently, they are excellent and more durable alternatives plastic lunch boxes.

Ever since then, I seem to have developed an obsession with really cute tiffin boxes and I’m on the hunt for the perfect one for my family. I’m thinking playdates, beach trips, lunch after gymnastics class, all of that! I love bentos. I love creating them and eating them. I also like to see the look on my girls’ faces when they see what I’ve put inside. My girls seem to eat a little bit more when I’ve taken the time to prepare something fun, healthy, and placed in something other than a sandwich bag.

Looks like a good one will run you $60 +. I have a feeling tiffin boxes will become the ‘hydro flasks’ of the lunch box world. Here’s my pinterest collection. Aren’t they cute?

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Written by Takara Bullock

Takara is a wife, mother-of-three, and owner of FIT4MOM Honolulu Owner who has lived in Hawaii for seven years. Before Hawaii, she resided in Japan for six years where she researched as a Fulbright Fellow and later worked as a headhunter recruiting talent in the tech industry. Fun Little Ohana is all about 'momming' in Hawaii. Subscribe to our weekly email for the latest happenings on the island.

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