Donut Lovers on Oahu, Give Purve Donut Shop in Ala Moana a Try

There’s a new donut shop in town and it goes by the name of Purve. I asked the shop Owner if it were pronouced “pur-vey” or “perve” and he said either was okay. I’m going with the fancier option purve’ for obvious reasons.

I stumbled up the new place via Google maps when googling donut shops for Kay’s 8th birthday party. She wanted a donut themed party, cute. I waited until the day before to find a good donut shop, although I had been browsing Instagram for two weeks looking at beautiful donuts :). I was beyond relieved to have found Purve and to learn that it was just three minutes from my home (winning!!).

It was kind of tricky to find though. It’s located in a building that is also home to a few exotic dance clubs. Once you realize the donut shop is actually on the upper level, and that in order to get there you have to take a ramp up, which is located on the side of the building, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised that’s there exists an actual shopping plaza on the second level. Shocking. Something I love about Honolulu, you never know what you’ll stumble across when trying to find something.

I arrived and was greeted by a tiny little shop with a wall mural of a unicorn pooping rainbow donuts on a pink umbrella. Adorable. The shop was HOT on this particular day, I think the AC might have been broken, but maaaaaaan did it smell good!

Purve Has Excellent Customer Service

I was welcomed into the shop by a friendly guy, who I later found out was one of the owners. I let him know I was planning to order two dozen super girly donuts for an eight-year old birthday party and he promptly took my order and asked me if I’d like to wait for outside of the shop for my order, where it was cooler. (Okaaaay! Thank you for the good customer service) For that, I told him I’d like a dozen of all the flavors to sample.

So I ended up ordering three dozen donuts and my order was complete within 30 minutes. The Owner even walked me out to my car and helped place them in my van. Wow! Excellent service.

But How Do They Taste?

By now you’re probably wondering how they taste. The donuts taste great and really sweet. I honestly couldn’t eat an entire one, they are super filling. They are cake style donuts, which isn’t normally my style (I’m a Krispie Kreme #superfan since I was a ten year-old in Alabama) but I did like Purve’s donuts and will definitely return.

My birthday girl loved them, the party-goers ooohed and aaaahed at how beautifully and appetizing they sat on the table. Overall, a hit for us.

If you have a sweet tooth for good donuts on Oahu, definitely check out Purve!

Here’s a link to their website:

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