Last Minute Emergency Survival Preparations for Your Ohana

What’s your greatest fear during an emergency? We were in Tokyo when the big earthquake shook Japan and the subsequent tsunami hit the Tohoku region. It was scary. Water was limited. I had a 3-month old. Every time a trimmer struck, my body froze in fear. We learned a BIG lesson. Be PREPARED. Actually, be over prepared. You never know what can and will happen. Thus, we have emergency backpacks in each bedroom in addition to our car and we take natural disaster warnings very seriously.

By now, news of the impending Hurricane Iselle UPDATE: Hurricane Lane on path for our beautiful Hawaii has reached you. If you’re not one to sweat the small stuff, good for you, I am the same way. Thing is, you never know when a natural disaster will be ‘small stuff’ or ‘big stuff’ and as a parent, we must to be prepared for the sake of our keiki. By the looks of the size of Iselle UPDATE: Hurricane Lane, I am praying it is small stuff!

To help you with prepping, here’s an interactive list of supplies, plus a few articles on emergency survival to help prepare your Ohana.

Here’s to not sweating the small stuff, but prepping for the big stuff. Please share your favorite tips and survival articles in the comments!

1. 50 Last Minute Ways to Prepare for an Emergency

2. How to Build and Emergency Food Supply

3. Surviving At Home

4. How to Purify Water- Survival Water Purification

5. WATCH:  Hurricane Evacuation Survival Kit

6. What to Do When The Toilet Doesn’t Work

7. Oh No! There’s No Toilet Paper! What Do I Do?

8. Surviving a Disaster When Your Hundreds of Miles Away From Home

9. 16 Creature Comforts For When You Need to Hunker Down

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