Kids Fly FREE Promotion with Scandinavian Airlines is Definitely Worth it!

This past March, we took the entire family to Europe for about two weeks. I still haven’t shared our full experience or photos from the trip because,  I was in my first trimester of pregnancy with our fourth child and I was either sleeping or throwing up the entire time.

Just thinking about it now brings back memory scents Europe that make me nauseous, so, it’s still not time to share.

Despite the awful, nasty, terrible, all day sickness, we still managed to have a fun and family budget-friendly trip to Europe thanks to Scandinavian Airline’s incredible Kids Fly FREE promotion. Where, you guessed it- kids actually DO fly free! All three of my girls’ tickets were free, we only paid for two adult airline tickets.

Click the photo for more details about their 2019 promotion (Hurry! It ends September 27, 2019!)

If you’re in Hawaii, you’re probably asking yourself, ” Does it cover flights from Hawaii to Scandinavia?” Bless you, I wish it did. No it doesn’t. We paid for our mainland tickets using miles, then departed out of San Francisco for Denmark.

Here’s a great example of how cheap it is to travel from the LA to Scandinavia in February of 2020.

I mean… come on now! It’s cheaper to fly from LA to Scandinavia than it is to fly from Hawaii to my home state of Alabama… (sigh) incredible!

Another question you’re probably asking yourself is, “Can I go other places in Europe, or is it just limited to Scandinavian countries?” This promotion gets you to Europe, once there, airline tickets within Europe are shockingly cheap! Like $29 cheap… I’m not kidding. It’s incredible. It makes me want to live in Europe to be honest. We ended up flying into Denmark, then headed over to Germany to visit friends and explore for a week. The airlines tickets from Denmark to Germany were (not kidding) $30! So yeah….  you can definitely go other places in Europe.

Here are the details:

Check it out! It’s worth it!

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