Homeschooling in Hawaii, Our Kindergarten Year

Our six-year old just finished up her kindergarten year. I just mailed her end of the year assessment to our local elementary school principal for their records. There is something so satisfying and gratifying about sending off that report every May.

The first year I dreaded it, but this year it took maybe two hours max to compile. I always send a broad collection of sample work to demonstrate my kids’ progression. I don’t want there to be any doubt about what my kids are learning at home.

For my six year-old, I loved seeing the progression of her handwriting, reading, and math skills. This year I focused a lot on copy work, having her copy sentences and focus on spacing and punctuation every day. We also read books daily, aloud, to help her improve her reading skills.

For math, we focused on telling time, counting money, and mastering number bonds, to help her solve simple addition and mathematics equations mentally. I love our Math curriculum. We use Singapore math and man, I really enjoy watching my girls excel in their math ability.

Physical education wise, she decided to switch from gymnastics to soccer, opting to not try out for the competitive gymnastics team. She has been enjoying working on her soccer skills. She has also been attending Crossfit Kids twice a week, which I can tell she really enjoys putting on workout clothes and workout out like mommy :). I’m considering putting her in a soccer camp this summer.

Since her birthday falls after the school cutoff, we actually started her kindergarten education last year, 2017-2018, so this year was a culmination of Kindergarten and First Grade stuff. However, for the state of Hawaii her official kindergarten year began 2018-2019.

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