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Hey there! I’m Takara, mother-of-three, homeschooler, and Owner of FIT4MOM Honolulu.  I’m an Alabama native whose had the pleasure of living in DC, Tokyo, & San Diego and I love that we now call Hawaii home.

My life before Hawaii

For six years I lived in worked in Japan, first as a Fulbrighter researching in Sendai and later as a headhunter in the web tech industry in Tokyo. Shortly before my first sweet baby was born, I Ieft my job to take up a full time role at home. Due to the earthquake in 2011, we returned to the US and have been slowing repatriating ever since.  We decided to put down roots in Hawaii and with each day that passes, I am so very grateful that we did.

Living in Hawaii with Children

I have learned that Hawaii is a great place for families. With its beautiful weather year-round, lovely beaches, diverse landscape and demographics, and constant activities taking place, this is an incredible place to explore and have fun as a family.  

I would love to do more creative things with my kids and spend more time having fun on the island with my family. I was inspired to create The Fun Little Ohana to help me do that.

What You’ll Find on My Blog

I like sharing about mom life with kids on Oahu.  You’ll find event listings, family adventures, playgrounds and beaches to try, as well as my favorite shops,  local photographers, designers and boutiques to check out. I update this blog once per week and I publish a weekly list of happenings, so you’ll always have some ideas to inspire you.

My hope is that you find The Fun Little Ohana to be fun and helpful. I hope that you bookmark it and share it with friends. But most of all, I hope you use The Fun Little Ohana to enjoy your time on the island and make great memories with your family.

Mahalo for Reading!


Let’s work together!

If you’re reading this and you own a business and are interested in collaborating I’d love to  hear from you! I love collaborating with other business owners and working with brands whose to share their products and stories.

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  1. Hi, Takara!

    Lovely blog! My name is Clarice and I’m a new mama living in Japan. My husband and I have been contemplating if Japan is really the right place to raise our little boy. It’s far from our families, he would possibly be bullied, and we are limited to mainly teaching English.

    Recently, we became interested in Hawaii as a possible home. The lifestyle seems more our speed and it’s a bit closer to my family in Texas. I’m a freelance/aspiring children’s book artist and my husband is an English teacher from the UK.

    I guess I’m reaching out to you in hopes that you have any advice about making the move from Japan and/or finding jobs.

    Takara, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Any advice helps!

    Thank you!

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