8 Ways to Have Family-Fun on Oahu This Week. March 3-9, 2015

1. Create Crafts at the Children’s Discovery Center

art in the park honolulu image

2. Shop For Local Veggies at the Honolulu Farmers’ Market (Every Wednesday Evening)

honolulu farmer's market

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3. FREE- Go on a Family-Friend Hike

hanauma bay ridge hike

4. FREE- Dance & Sing at Island Songs (Every Friday at 11:00AM)

island songs harbor church image

5. Meet the Dinosaurs at Bishop Museum

dinosaurs unleashed at the bishop museum

6. Celebrate at the Honolulu Festival

honolulu festival

7. Watch a Movie at the Koolina Children’s Film & Music Festival

Koolina Children's Film & Music Festival

8. Go on a Delicious Smoothie Tour at Kahuku Farms

smoothie tour

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  1. Love the ideas and didn’t know about the dinosaurs at the Bishop Musuem! But i’m hoping to go finally see the fireworks with my son.

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