7 Hawaii-Focused Blogs You’ll Want to Bookmark

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hich blogs to you check regularly? I used to enjoy reading fashion blogs and wedding blogs regulary (pre-kids). These days though, my regular reads are mommy blogs and Hawaii-based blogs.  A few blogs really stand out and are great sources for family-fun and mom’s night out ideas. Here are 10 favorites.:

1.  Frolic Hawaii http://www.frolichawaii.com/

frolic hawaii image

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 2. An Island Life http://islandlife808.com/

an island life blog

 3. 808 Talk http://www.808talk.com/

808 Talk Blog

4. Oahu Mom  http://www.oahumom.com/

oahu mom blog

 5. Hawaii Red Blog http://hawaiiredstyle.com/blog/

hawaii red blog

6.  Honolulu Family Blog http://www.honolulufamily.com/

honolulu family blog

7. Lava Gal http://lavagal.net/

Lava Gal


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